Financial Ombudsman MISSold pension and life problems

Stats launched by the Financial Ombudsman for the period of 1st January 2014 to 30th June 2014 show that on average 31% of people had their complaint upheld for life and pensions organization including documentation these figure involve folks who have been mis sold pensions, individuals who possess been mis sold pension transfers and people who can possess been mis sold pension in general.If you consider the normal figure of 31% and add this to the number of issues for becoming mis sold pensions or pension transfers that have been settled ahead of heading to the Financial Ombudsman after that we believe this figure may be as high as 50% of folks becoming mis sold pensions or being mis sold their pension transfers that is an alarming total volume for the Financial providers industry.

We will highlight the companies with the worst records for possessing complaints upheld beneath this market but if you are concerned concerning your pension transfers or becoming mis sold pensions then hit any of the highlighted words and get much more info to see if you have been a victim of a mis sold pension.

Financial Ombudsman MISSold pension and life problems

Financial Ombudsman MISSold pension and life problems

Bank of Scotland Plc. have one of the worst document in this period of time for existence, mis sold pensions and documentation with an incredible 46% of issues being upheld by the Ombudsman so if you possess had a pension with them after that we would stimulate you to verify to ensure you have not been mis sold pensions by them and would also promote to check if you have made a pension transfer with them to assure your pension transfers have not been mis sold.

The second biggest offender in this interval was Sesame Constrained who is one of the greatest systems in the UK for independent financial advisors that would advise they have a trouble with the advice their advisors are offering as they had an astonishing 49% of grievances upheld. If your financial counselor is element of the Sesame network and you have bought a new pension or transferred your existing pensions after that we would highly propose that you get them checked for either being mis sold your pension transfers or mis sold pensions as this is only the stage of complaints upheld in this period.

The largest offender throughout this period for getting complaints of this dynamics upheld was Windsor Life Assurance Producer Restricted with 57% of complaints being upheld in this category. These grievances which possess been upheld could once more just about certainly incorporate pension transfers and mis sold pensions that is why you must get your pension checked to make sure you were not mis sold pension by them.

If this article has lifted thoughts concerning you being mis sold pensions or possess carried out pension transfers then hit any highlighted phrase and get further info on mis sold pension.

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