Life Insurance RatesWhile it is a good choice to apply for life insurance from reputable and trusted insurance providers, you might be left to wonder why life insurance quotes vary from one individual to another. The following are factors to be considered when applying for insurance, as they greatly determine the life insurance quote issued by insurance firms.

1) Age

2) Gender

3) Smoking

4) Health

5) Occupation

6) Driving record

7) Weight


This could be regarded as the most important factor. Applying for a life insurance at a very young age means you would pay the insurance premiums for a longer period, which might not really be useful for you, as you might not need the cover of the insurance, unless you have dependants who could benefit from such an insurance cover. However, paying the insurance premiums for a longer period of time means the insurance company would quote a low insurance rate. But, elder applicants might be quoted higher life insurance rates, due to the possibility of health issues.


Since women, according to statistics, generally live longer than men, they also tend to be quoted lower insurance rates by insurance providers. Women, on average, live nearly five years longer than men, meaning they pay longer so enjoy lower rates


Life insurance rates are all about your risk of death and are therefore a risk to the company that insures you. Smoking is known to trigger numerous health problems that can lead to cancer and other fatal diseases. If you are a smoker who has decided to quit, you could qualify for much lower life insurance premiums.


One of the steps in your life insurance application would require a medical exam to check for any health risks that could point out future problems. The result of the medical exam would have an effect on the insurance quote. Along with your current state of health, a look at your medical history would determine if you have had any major health problem in the past that could put you at a higher risk for serious health issues in the future.


What you do for a living can affect your life insurance quote as well. If your job requires you to perform dangerous duties that put you at a higher risk of accident or death, you will be required to pay higher insurance premiums. In turn, if you are exposed to toxic chemicals or your job is known to have other long-term health implications, you would likely be required to pay more for your coverage.

Driving record

If you have multiple driving violations, you are considered to be prone to accidents; therefore, you might be quoted higher insurance rates for your life insurance coverage.


As with age, being overweight makes an individual prone to serious health problems. Because of this, being overweight or obese might mean you would pay more for insurance cover.

In conclusion, the factors listed above must be watched closely and proper adjustment in lifestyle should be made, including a regular medical check-up to quickly put in check rising medical concerns, so as to enjoy lower insurance quotes from insurance firms.

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